The 2015 Bluebird season in Hot Springs Village was a strange one. We had the late winter/early wet spring that wouldn’t go away. There was a pretty severe storm that seemed to cause the death of some of the first bluebird babies. After that, summer came on full bore with hot and very dry weather. There were reports of buffalo gnats, but those were easily brought under control with our regular vanilla applications. We also had issues with ant infestations at the Ponce, DeSoto and Santa Maria golf courses. Several monitors reported nests that had eggs one week and nothing the next with no sign of predator damage. So besides snakes, raccoons and squirrels there seems to be a “mystery thief” out there.

The Coronado Center and Cedar Lodge locations continue to have issues, mostly because of house sparrows. Most of the Cedar Lodge boxes were closed all season to discourage the house sparrows. We will do more research on prevention and try again next spring.

That said our numbers are still significant as shown in the attached report. Total bluebirds fledged, 1604, a slight improvement from 2014. The percentage fledged is down from 82.6% to 78.4%. This is a reflection of the early spring deaths. Not all monitors kept numbers on other fledglings. What we did receive was Chickadees – 98, Nuthatches – 248 (132 more than last year), Titmice – 18.

Adolph Juarez has replaced 26 bluebird boxes so far this year, with plans for 19 more. Monitors, please continue to send requests for box repair, replacement or relocation to Kathy Jurek, 915-9344,
The back of this report lists the HSV Audubon Bluebird locations on each of our 9 golf courses, Cedar Lodge, and the Coronado Center and the results for 2015.

A special thanks to all of our monitors and back-up monitors listed below. Their hard work and dedication are what make the program so successful. We hope all of our monitors will sign up again for next year. There are openings. If you would be interested in being a bluebird monitor for 2016 please contact Kathy Jurek, 915-9344.


DeSoto - Brannon, Baldwin, Bienstadt 

Coronado – Gunderson, Mueller, LaBove
Cortez –Jurek, Cukjati, Wallich, Higby
Balboa – Garrett, Ball, Weiker
Ponce – Williams, Taylor, Minson, Biddle
Diamante Fremstad, Krone, Callicott, Hopper

Magellan – Rectorr, Fickes, Raymond, Trabant
Isabella –Yard, Voss, Kubica, Franks, Cervenka, VanAuken
Granada – Kroetz, Barnoske, Sherman, Johnson
Coronado Center – Riedel, Condon
Cedar Lodge - Geiger

Thanks to all and a job well done!

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Jurek.