Please note: Unless otherwise noted  HSV Audubon field trips are open to members only.  If there is room members may bring a guest(s) after contacting the field trip group leader.


If you wish to participate in a Field Trip AND did not sign-up at the monthly program meeting, please send an email to the field trip group leader with the field trip date in the subject line.  The trip leader will confirm the maximum group size has not been reached. If space is still available, you will be added to the group roster and be given information pertaining to meeting time and location, approximate trip duration, and items to bring. 


2017 Field Trips & Bird Walks 


June 5        Vic Prislipsky       

Our next Field Trip is our search for the Painted Bunting.  Undercover agents, Ted and Linda H. confirm that there is at least one here.  Our destination is a WMA just west of Morrilton. The trip is Monday, June 5th.   We will leave from the little shop area just outside the east gate at 7:00.  We should be back before 2.  Stopping for lunch will be a group decision.  Rubber boots not needed. This is a "get out of the car and spot" trip with maybe short, easy walks.  Bring water, etc. We will not go if the weather is anything more than intermittent light rain.  
15 people already have signed up for this at the meeting but a few are "maybes".  It might help to let Vic know if you are going but not necessary.  We'll definitely want to car pool. This is a 120 mile round trip so helping with gas is appreciated.
Dickcissels and Blue Grosbeaks are bonus birds here.   

2017 Field Trip Reports

May 15 Vic Prislipsky Nature Conservancy Cooper Nature Preserve

Nine HSV members participated in the 2017 International Migratory Bird Count.  We spent most of the morning at Brookhill Ranch.  We then hit two spots just west of there.  The weather was ideal.  The gnats were unusually pesky but at least they don't bite like their up-north cousins.  Plenty of RWBlackbirds and Orchard Orioles.  We had 52 total species there.  Nothing particularly out of the expected; although, we had very good looks at a Green Heron.  We had a Red-headed Woodpecker, not rare but one we seldom get there. The Bobolinks we had last year were absent. 

The two west areas paid off.  We had a super good look at a Mississippi Kite perched in a nearby tree.  The real bonus was a Chestnut-sided Warbler.  We also had a Least Flycatcher that gave us good looks.  We heard a Dickcissel who was close but remained hidden.
We ended up with 59 species.  The only significant MIA was no Great Blue Heron.

2016 Field Trip Reports

Nov 12 Vic Prislipsky Nature Conservancy Cooper Nature Preserve

Twenty-one HSV Audubon members enjoyed a glorious fall morning at the Cooper Nature Preserve this Saturday.  It was the first time for most of us to see the fine work done by the Nature Conservancy crew.


Although the birding started out slowly, we finished strong.  A few had a quick, long distance look at a Bald Eagle.  Most all had good looks at Goldfinches, male and female Purple Finches, a Hermit Thrush, Pileateds and both Ruby and Golden-crowned Kinglets.  White-throated Sparrows were numerous.  Of course we had the usual Chickadees, Titmice, Crows, etc.


Thanks to Barbara Baker for researching the mystery moss seen hanging from the pines across the river as a lichen commonly called Old Man's Beard.

possible we have a late season record in Arkansas for these birds.


June 15 Vic Prislipsky Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA

Our search for the Painted Bunting was "mission accomplished" on our trip to Ed Gordon WMA. We had good looks at 1, 2, birds. More than we imagined were there.


Throw in close perching looks at a Yellow-breasted Chat and Yellow-billed Cuckoo and you have a fine Field Trip. Then a special bonus - on the way back we decided to take some cross country farm field roads. Tons of Red-winged Blackbirds and Cow Birds. 


Then, all of a sudden 4 Northern Harrier hawks flying low and dipping and darting over the rice fields. Harriers should not be here this late, and it's possible we have a late season record in Arkansas for these birds.

2015 Field Trip Report

May 18 thru 20 Various Buffalo River Field Trip


Our late  May Field Trip to the Buffalo River area was a great success.  We had two out of three days with ideal weather- not bad considering what we have to put up with lately.  Also not bad considering we had only 1 potential 911 call.


Fifteen of us met for lunch on Monday at the Ozark Cafe. We went from there to sightsee at Twin Falls (Triple Falls when the water is high) and then to the nationally famous Ruark's Bluff on the Buffalo River.  We had some birds in the late afternoon but nothing remarkable. 


We met Joe Neal early on Tuesday.  For those of you who don't know Joe, understand that he is one of the best birders in Arkansas.  We started off with a steep and curvy drive up a mountainside road in search of the threatened Cerulean Warbler. Our first stop included a short hike to a cliff's edge which is where our suspense began.  Seventeen of eighteen of us made it to the cliff's perilous edge for a super panoramic view of the upper Buffalo Valley.  Because it was a bit cool, our 18th member, a really good husband, went back to the car for his wife's jacket.  After a bit we realized that the good husband had not returned.


Back at the cars we called, yelled and honked horns with no response.  Imagination can run wild in a case like this but it is always best to stick first with the most likely possibilities.  Yes, our good husband missed the trail and dutifully hiked up the road for more than a mile in search of his chilly wife.  "Good husband" was eventually located, wife's jacket in hand, by one of our rescue parties.  As they say, "all's well that ends well".  And, yes, "good husband" got a big hug from his wife and we did see the Cerulean's.  


We also had good looks at several other warblers, including Kentucky, Yellow-throated, Ovenbird, and American Redstarts.  A Scarlet Tanager was a special treat.  We also had good looks at Yellow-throated and Red-eyed Vireos.


Tuesday ended in Jasper with great food, even better company and an impromptu birthday party for one of our members. Our Wednesday plan to see the special birds and plants at Baker's Prairie in Harrison was washed out (what else is new) by an accurate forecast of 100% chance of rain.  


HSV Audubon Field Trips and Bird Walks are a great opportunity to see and learn about what Nature has to offer.  Please plan on joining us next time. 



The following Buffalo River field trip photos were taken by John Taylor. The photos are of the group, guide, Kentucky Warbler, and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

Past 2014 Field Trips

Nov 12 Vic Prislipsky Boyd Point in Pine Bluff
Sep 17 Vic Prislipsky Hummingbird banding trip to Cook's Lake Educational Center
Jun 16 Vic Prislipsky Richardson Bottoms - swamp/wetland & mixed forest area
May 10  Vic Prislipsky

Annual Migratory Bird Count at Brookhill Ranch

 Apr 26  Herschel Raney

 Bell Slough

 Apr 21  Vic Prislipsky

 Birdwalk on Cedar Creek Trail in HSV

 Apr 18  Vic Prislipsky

 Birdwalk on Beaver Dam Trail in HSV. 

 Apr 9  Theo Whitsell

 Cedar Creek Trail, "Wildflowers, Plants, Habitats" 

 Mar 17  Vic Prislipsky


 Feb 17  Vic Prislipsky

 As part of the GBBC - Great Backyard Bird Count - we will survey most of the Village lakes.  Waterfowl is the primary target, but all birds will be counted. 

 Jan 17  

Suttgart Airport