April 11, 2014 Plant Walk with Theo Witsell

Audubon Members,


Forty-two of us participated in the plant walk with Theo Witsell on Friday afternoon. About half to two-thirds of us were Audubon members, and the rest had either read an article in the paper or had seen the E-blast. Even with so many of us, Theo managed the group very efficiently. He located and discussed the more common spring wildflowers such as Spring Beauty and May Apple, but also located several other species that were not on my Cedar Creek plant list such as:  Missouri Rock Cress, Coralbean or Indian Currant, and St. Peter's Wort. Because Tim and Carol Traub know the Cedar Creek plants so well, they were able to help Theo with finding so many species.  Thanks to Brian Baldwin for sharing these photos which capture the essence of the event. Everyone left knowing that they had been the in the presence of an extremely knowledgeable botanist who loves his work and enjoys sharing with the rest of us.