April 26, 2014 Bell Slough

We had perfect weather for Saturday's trip to Bell Slough near Conway. Nobody knows the Slough like our guide, Herschel Raney.  We saw over 40 species during the day.  A variety of warblers were heard.  We had good looks at a few birds we don't often get a chance to see in the Village- a Kentucky Warbler, Yellow-crowned Night heron and Baltimore Oriole.  Herschel's adeptness at catching tree frogs and butterflies was a bonus.


Thanks to Linda Banks for sharing the following photos with us. Linda's photos give you a good overview of the field trip. The photos are of an Indigo Bunting, Speckled Green Tree Frog, Eastern tiger Swallow-tailed Butterfly - recently emerged, Gray Tree Frog, Carolina Wren, and Cross-Vine.