Feb 17, 2014 Great Back Yard Bird Count

Five HSV Audubon members made a circuit of the Village lakes as part of the Great Backyard Bird Count. Another member birded independently due a schedule conflict.  Our main focus was waterfowl but we counted all birds.  We ended up with a total of 38 species.  Balboa had the most waterfowl with a total of 80 ducks, geese and grebes.  Balboa was also the only lake with Horned Grebes and gulls (ring-billed).

Several other lakes had Pied-billed grebes.  Pineda had the least waterfowl with only a total of 7.  Keep in mind that we were limited to the boat launches or beaches and large parts of some lakes went unseen. The most common duck was the Bufflehead.  The surprise duck of the day was a lone male Redhead on Lake Sophia.  Loons, not unusual for Balboa, were not seen.


Our March field trip will be Monday, March 17.  Our destination is Holla Bend NWR where we hope to see eagles, Snow geese, swans and, cross your fingers, Sandhill Cranes.  We will meet at the Desoto Club parking lot at 7:20.  You'll probably want to bring water and snacks.