June 16, 2014 Richardson Bottoms

On Monday, June 16, 8 HSV Audubon members made the short journey to Richardson Bottoms in search of the locally rare Purple Gallinule which had been observed there in past years.  No luck but the day was not a loss.  A Broadwinged Hawk passed over the truck as we turned on to the Bottoms road.  There were numerous Common Yellowthroat Warblers and Indigo Buntings.  We got lucky and added a Blue Grosbeak to one members life list.  The highlight for some of us was a docile Pygmy Rattlesnake that was not bashful about having his picture taken.  Those who didn't like the snake certainly enjoyed the lunch at the Shack . 


Pygmy Rattlesnake photo by Vic Prislipsky
Green Dragonfly by John Taylor
Field trip group photo taken by John Taylor

We thought you might like to know that our chapter donated both time and money to the establishment of Richardson Bottoms and are still being recognized for that effort. This sign was installed fairly recently.

Photo by Maury & Barbara Baker