May 10, 2014 Annual Migratory Bird Count at Brookhill Ranch

Seven of us enjoyed near perfect weather for Saturday's trip to
Brookhill Ranch.  We tallied 65 species which sets a new benchmark for
our International Migratory Bird Count.  As always, some birds were
more cooperative than others.  Some of the highlights were good looks
at a Yellow Warbler (a 1st for us at Brookhill, Summer Tanagers in
various plumages, Orchard Orioles, Wood Ducks with ducklings and a
Green Heron.  Two Brown-headed Nuthatches worked a dead snag only a
few yards away.  We all heard a Scarlet Tanager but he refused to come
into view.  A couple of us saw a Gray-cheeked Thrush, another first
for  us during this count.

Although the June 5th hummingbird banding trip was cancelled due to a
scheduling conflict, an alternative trip is being planned for later in
the month.  This will be announced via the June meeting and  Hope you can join us.