Projects for Your Participation

Bird Source                                           


Cornell’s Project FeederWatch            


National Audubon                                 


Audubon’s Great Backyard Bird Count


Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count         


eBird (sightings database)                       



Identification and More

eNature Field Guide                    

Link to site with birds & calls; add zip code for specificc area of interest


Cornell’s All About Birds                 

Online bird guide, bird ID help, life history, bird sounds from Cornell             


Audubon's Bird Friendly Yards Program

  click on Yard Bird Program at top


A 2 Z 4 Birds                                         


Wild (backyard birding)     


Bird Feeding Society                                                                       




Birding Optics Guide                             


Better View Desired (optics guide)


Eagle Optics                                           


Cornell Labs Review of Top Binoculars


Buying Binoculars: The Audubon Guide to Binoculars: Part 1


Binoculars: Binocular Reviews & Ratings -


Top 250 Birding Spots in US & Canada:

            Birding Locations - North America's 250 Best


Merlin Bird ID app:

         Merlin Bird ID app -- Instant Bird Identification Help

                           for 400 North American Birds




Arkansas Birds

Audubon  Arkansas                               


Important Bird Areas                                 


Arkansas Audubon Society                    


Audubon Society of Central Arkansas  


Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society 


Birding & Watchable Wildlife         


ARBIRD-L listservice                      


Game & Fish Birds of AR                       (search for AR birds by family, season, color, habitat, size)     



Wildlife Rehabilitation

Game & Fish Rehabilitators 

(use to find rehabbers of birds and other wildlife)



National Organizations

National Audubon                                   


Cornell Lab of Ornithology                    


American Birding Association               


American Ornithologists’ Union             


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