HSV Audubon Society dedicates all sales income to educational, ecological, and conservation purposes.


Bird Seed Sales

Spring 2017 Bird Seed Order Form
Order form 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [75.3 KB]


HSV Audubon holds a Spring and Fall Bird Seed Sale with proceeds used to fund scholarships to the Halberg Ecology Camp.  The spring sale is usually in March. The fall sale is in September and October with pick up on the third Saturday in October. 


Netting for Windows

This simple solution for birds flying into or pecking at your windows was devised by Richard Kroetz, Past President.  It consists of 1 piece of 3/4" plastic mesh netting 8'x7' and 4 suction cup hooks.  This is enough netting and hooks to cover one large 8' wide windows or two 4' wide windows.  Richard says the netting does not obstruct the view and has been able to take pictures through the netting without it appearing in the image.


The package can be purchased for $10 at either the monthly meeting or by contacting Norma Wall, 214-212-6770.





HSV Audubon Society Patch


The patch with the HSV Audubon Society logo is available for purchase at the Monthly Meeting for $3.00 each.




Bluebirds: A Plan for Survival 


Booklet is available for purchase at the Monthly Meeting for $2.00 each.





AAS Field Reference to Arkansas Birds


The Arkansas Audubon Society checklist of birds found in Arkansas is available for purchase at the Monthly Meeting for $.50 each.