Thank you very chirp

Our Eastern Bluebird population continues to thrive, thanks to the efforts of our 2017 Bluebird Monitoring team, and every single person who has helped since the program began in 1974. 

The birds thank you. The people thank you. The insects, not so much.

Our 2017 bluebird count reflects an increase in bluebird activity, and unfortunately, an increase in predator activity as well. 

Total bluebird eggs, 2111, was the highest number since 2013.  Total fledged was 1353 or 64.1% which is below average.

"The increase in predation was up considerably as well as nesting / fledging of "other" birds, but I don't believe we have reason for concern. There were many reports of missing eggs...primarly attributed to snakes getting around the baffle" said Kathy Jurek, Bluebird Monitor Chair.  

Our plan for next year is to step up repair, replace, and relocation duties with the welcome assistance of new volunteers, Wayne Krone, John Baal and Vic Prislipsky.  Adolph Juarez will continue to be our "builder extrodinar".

Special "two wings up" thanks to all the monitors and back-up monitors!

Balboa - Garrett, Moeck, Elliott, Trabant
Coronado - Gunderson, LaBove, Mueller
Cortez –Baal, Geiger Cukjati, Higby
DeSoto – Bienstadt, Wallick, Baldwin, Fickes
Diamante – Fremstad, Callicott, Krone, Hopper
Granada – Kroetz, Barnoske, Sherman, Johnson
Isabella – Weber, Black, Voss, Kubica, Vanauken
Magellan – Rector, Raymond, Montgomery, Jones
Ponce – Williams, Taylor, Biddle
Coronado Center – Riedel, Condon
Woodlands – Geiger, Baal


There will be monitor openings next year, so see Kathy at the next meeting for all the details, or use the form below: 

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