2018 Bluebird Season Comes to a Close

By Kathy Jurek, Bluebird Monitor Chair

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your dedication to our HSV Audubon Bluebird Program, whether you served as a monitor or backup monitor. This couldn't happen without you.

Another Bluebird season has come to an end in Hot Springs Village. It wasn’t a great year, but on the other hand it wasn’t an awful year either.

One of the most interesting observations is the lack of Buffalo Gnat issues. This was especially noteworthy due to an early report of a major
gnat infestation at Cooks Lake. This is definitely a reflection on our monitors and their diligent use of pure vanilla in and around the nest boxes.

Also of note is the increase of ‘other’ birds using the nest boxes. There was a 30% increase in their numbers. For the last two or three years
I have told the monitors it was not necessary to remove the nests of the chickadees, nuthatches and titmice. I may reconsider that position for 2019.

Early in the spring John Baal, Dale Barnard, Kurt Moeck, and Vic Prislipsky helped replace/move nearly 40 nesting boxes and 20 plus baffles. A big shout out of thanks to them. Thanks also to Adolph Juarez for keeping us well supplied with boxes.

I want to recognize all of our monitors and back-up monitors for their efforts whether it was their first year or they’re seasoned veterans. They are:

  • Balboa - Garrett, Trabant, Moeck, Elliott

  • Isabella – Weber, Black, Baal, Schrieks, Kubica,

  • Coronado - Gunderson, Hopper, LaBove, Mueller Vanauken

  • Cortez –Voss, Cukjati, Higby

  • Magellan – Rector, Raymond, Montgomery, Jones

  • DeSoto – Bienstadt, Wallick, Geiger, Swenson

  • Ponce – Williams, Taylor, Biddle

  • Diamante – Fremstad, Callicott, Krone, Hopper

  • Coronado Center – Riedel, Condon

  • Granada – Petrosky, Kroll, Barnoske, Johnson

  • Woodlands – Geiger, Harris

I want to especially thank Jerry and Kathy Barnoske (since 2005) and Randy and Brenda Johnson (since 2008) who have monitored the back nine of the Granada Golf Course and are unable to return in 2019. The Bluebird monitoring program is successful mainly because of members like them.


There will be monitor openings next year so please think about volunteering to experience nature at its finest.

Following is a five year recap:

Year       Boxes       Used         Eggs        Fledged       % Fledged
2018       308           250           1810          1344                74.3
2017       305           255            2111          1353               64.1
2016       305           275            1921          1401               72.9
2015       305           271            2045          1604               78.4
2014       306           n/a            1902           1653               82.6

Please refer to the attached supplemental data report for more details. This report lists the HSV Audubon bluebird box locations on each of our 9 golf courses, Woodlands/Grove Park, the Coronado Center and the respective results for 2018.

Respectfully Submitted, Kathy Jurek, Bluebird Monitor Chair

golferstwo@prodigy.net, 501-915-9344