2019 Bluebird Stats Are In...

By Kathy Jurek, Bluebird Monitor Chair

Kathy Jurek reports on 2019 results.

Kathy Jurek reports on 2019 results.

The 2019 Bluebird season has come to an end in Hot Springs Village, a little earlier than last year. At 1191 bluebirds fledged, we were .5% under LY. This was also a low over the last five years. Out of our 11 locations, only two had improved numbers on eggs and three had improved numbers on fledglings. The ‘other’ bird count was also down, 310 as compared to 384.

At the start of the season about 20 boxes were replaced and another five or so throughout the season. No one reported an issue with Buffalo Gnats, surprising with the especially wet spring we had. This is definitely a reflection on our monitors and their diligent use of pure vanilla in and around the nest boxes. We did not have as many predators reported as in previous years, but the incidents of ants and wasps were much higher than usual. However, a serious note was a high number of infertile eggs. I will try to investigate that further.


I want to recognize all of our monitors and back-up monitors for their efforts whether it was their first year or they’re seasoned veterans. They are:

  • Balboa - Trabant, Peebles, Moeck, Elliott

  • Coronado - Gunderson, Hopper, LaBove, Kucharzyk Vanauken

  • Coronado Center – Riedel, Condon, Cash

  • Cortez – Harris, Wall, Cukjati, Higby

  • DeSoto – Bienstadt, Hager, Geiger, Swenson

  • Diamante – Fremstad, Krone

  • Granada – Petrosky, Rutledge, Kroll, Kohnen

  • Isabella – Weber, Black, Baal, Schrieks, Kubica, 


  • Magellan – Rector, Raymond, Montgomery, Jones

  • Ponce – Koch, Williams, Taylor, Barnard

  • Woodlands – Collins, Jurek

We had 7 new monitors this year. There probably will be monitor openings next year so please think about volunteering to experience nature at its finest.

Following is a five year recap:

Year Boxes Used Eggs Fledged % Fledged
2019 307 268 1614 1191 73.8
2018 308 250 1810 1344 74.3
2017 305 255 2111 1353 64.1
2016 305 275 1921 1401 72.9
2015 305 271 2045 1604 78.4

Please refer to the attached supplemental data report for more details. This report lists the HSV Audubon bluebird box locations on each of our 9 golf courses, Woodlands/Grove Park, the Coronado Center and the respective results for 2019. Totals for # of nests and # of eggs hatched is not available because not all monitors reported those numbers.

Respectfully Submitted, Kathy Jurek, Bluebird Monitor Chair

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