Take flight with HSV Audubon 

Whether you are a new or experienced birder, there's always something to learn about the 418 bird species in Arkansas. How many have you seen?

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Bird Food & Recipes 

Attract birds to your yard with fresh food and plenty of water. Ring the dinner bell for your favorite birds by offering their preferred menu items. 

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Bird feeders, houses, water

Shelter is critical for species survival. Help protect birds from predators and the elements by offering bird nest boxes, predator guards, nest building materials and feeders that are easily accessible. Shop our store now. 

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birding ethics

Every birder knows to respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others. The welfare of the birds and their environment always comes first.

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Birding Equipment

Your ability to see the birds is only as good as your optics. There are numerous, and sometimes confusing, factors to consider when choosing the right pair of binoculars. See for yourself.

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Many resources are available to help you quickly identify birds, from field books to workshops. Most focus on size & shape, color pattern, behavior and habitat.

You can also identify birds by the sounds you hear in your own backyard. 

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Birds and windows are mortal enemies. Every year many birds die as a result of their flying into windows.

What can you do to help prevent this from happening at your home? What should you do if you find a "dazed" bird?  

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The Birdist’s Rules of Birding

One of the great things about being a Chapter of  National Audubon Society is getting unique information about bird populations throughout the country. These stories are too good to pass up!    Learn More →