Complete Bluebird Nest Box

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birdhouse complete1.jpg
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Complete Bluebird Nest Box

from 40.00

Bluebird nest box complete with box, predator cone, post and rebar. Everything you need to install it yourself - except tools & muscle!

$10 more if you want us to install it for you (inside the Village only).

Available all year

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  1. Extended overhang roof to help protect the entrance from the elements.
  2. Upward swing front opening for full view of interior, easier to clean and monitor. 
  3. Cedar floor with drainage holes for longer wear.
  4. Exterior grade 5/8" plywood with solid hardwood trim.
  5. Entry Block 2" thick to help keep birds safe from the long arm of raccoons etc. 
  6. Plexiglas on the exterior of entry block to prevent woodpeckers and squirrels from enlarging the opening.
  7. Mechanical closure to keep predators from opening the box.
  8. Openings for ventilation and natural light on both sides and above the entry.
  9. Stainless steel screws; hot dip coated nails
  10. Glued for extra strength to last longer
  11. Metal brackets to brace the roof