Spring 2017

Greetings from your new President, formerly known as birdseed lady. I miss the chats we had when you would drive up to get your seed year after year. Please stop by at a meeting to say hi. 

We are some of the luckiest people around to have a love for birds and be members of an active Audubon Society right here in the Village.  Birding is a hobby that increases our knowledge and gives us exercise at the same time, well not if we are just looking out a window, but if we are out on a trail walking you will get the exercise part. In either case, getting a new bird for your Life List is a special joy!

There is no better time of year to find one of these new birds than spring. The migrating birds will be coming through soon and they will be dressed in full mating color, with sparrows and warblers that is a real blessing! Being that most of us are novice birders, our Audubon Society has compiled a list of birds that have been seen in the Village over the years. This helps limit the bird you are looking at and give you a quicker ID. But remember these little guys may do a surprise first-time appearance in the Village. So, if you see a new one, get a picture if at all possible, and report the sighting to Vic, our birding guru. 

These Village bird lists are available at the side tables as you enter our meetings. There are also state lists available at our meeting in case you are birding outside the Village. There is also a good website out there for Arkansas birds. It is ARBirds-L. Here you can ask questions and see what birds other people are reporting. It is a free site, with lots of interesting information, but you must subscribe.

Get those feeders filled and bring in those hungry birds. Happy Birding and let me know what you see!

diane condon.JPG

Diane Condon
President, HSV Audubon