HAND CRAFTED  bird houses, feeders and suet logs

bluebird nest box

Welcome your backyard birds with a new, all-purpose platform feeder, rock solid bluebird nest box, and a few hanging suet feeder logs. Adolph will point out the features of the HSV Audubon products that sets them apart from "standard retail" houses and feeders.

platform feeder
  • Platform Feeder $28 (Optional hook in the top for hanging); or
  • Complete feeder, cone, rebar & post  $40  
  • Bluebird Nest Box $28; or Complete house, cone, rebar and post - $40
  • Did you know we will INSTALL complete sets (within HSV) for ONLY $10 each?
  • Suet log feeder (new & improved design!) only $5

Turn your orders in at the meeting, or call Adolph Juarez