By-Law Revisions 2018

The HSV Audubon Board approved By-Law revisions on June 16 and voted to recommend that members approve them, see details on the files below that address current meeting days, communication methods and more.

The proposed revisions were distributed to the membership by email on September 10th, again on September 11, published on the website on September 12 and posted for review at the regular membership meeting on September 13.


  • Meeting day changed from Friday to Thursday.

  • The Annual Bluebird Monitoring Report will be transmitted to Cornell Lab of Ornithology. North American Bluebird Society and Arkansas Game & Fish no longer collect the nesting data.

  • All news, alerts, and information will be distributed via email by the E-Communications Chairperson and/or posted on the website.

  • The Chirp will no longer be published. Roster of membership will no longer be distributed in the Chirp.

  • Quorum votes must be taken on all assessments for extraordinary purposes.

Voting on the Revised By-Laws will be done during the regular HSV Audubon membership meeting on Thursday, October 11.

Questions can be directed to Norma Wall, president or to the Committee members who structured the proposed revisions, Kathy Jurek, Barbara Baker, and Carolyn Minson.


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