Cookies & birdsongs

In case you missed it, our December 8th program was a hit! 

Our guest speaker, Kayla Gomance, Park Interpreter at nearby Lake Ouchita State Park, gave an interesting and educational program "Music is for the Birds" exploring the link between birdsongs and musical compositions.

Cookies, coffee, door prizes and a raffle were just bonuses. Really.

Special thanks to: 

  • Kayla Gomance for her poised and professional presentation (even in the face of technical difficulties)
  • Board Members who brought cookies and holiday treats
  • Everyone who donated a door prize
  • John Taylor for taking these fun photos
  • ...and all members & guests for attending
Here's a note from Kayla:  The document below has links to performances of all of the pieces I intended to play a sample of during the presentation. There is also a list of other pieces mentioned during the program. I added notes just in case it really is true that not everyone has an eidetic memory J. The notes should remind them of the inspiration for the pieces and help them to listen for some specific parts. The HSV Audubon Society is a fun crowd and not just because of the cookies and door prizes! I hope to speak with you all again.