It's hummer time!

A note from Carolyn Minson

It is time to clean and put out hummer feeders.

As you likely know, hummingbirds are on their way. During the recent Audubon meeting, there was one report of a hummingbird sighting. Today, another sighting in the Village was reported.

Neither of these have been reported to the Hummingbird Migration Center, but if you want to check the reported sightings, you can do so here:  Spring 2018 Migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Photo by Norma Wall

Photo by Norma Wall


Homemade nectar should be: 

One part table sugar to
Four parts hot tap water

Mix well and cool, store extra in the refrigerator.  Red food coloring and decorative red flowers not necessary.  Do not use any sugar substitute or honey.